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MX330 Printer Cartridge Alignment


I installed a new color cartridge and attempted to run the alignment routine.  I can get the status to print out and the page with the values to adjust but cannot get to any way to change the values.  When I click "no" after it prints it tells me to try again.  Same thing from the manual adjust option using the menu button on the printer, all I get is a printout, no way to change settings.  How can I get the alignment adjustment screen?  


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jpedicord,

The alignment can be performed from your computer.  Please use the appropriate link below to perform this:


(Mac OSX)





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Been there, tried that.... doesn't work. I get as far as step 6 -- no problem checking the print out but there is no "Preview Screen" or anything that allows me to change the values.  There is nothing for me to click on -- all I get is a piece of paper in my hand.  Clicking on "Align print heads" gets me another piece of paper.

Well, it looks like the printer is headed for the scrap heap. This afternoon I rebooted due to iTunes crashing my computer, came back and printed a few things but then could not get the scanner to work, fiddled with it for a bit to no avail so I uninstalled and reinstalled, now I can scan VERY slowly with the MS app) but not print.  The print function has gone completely away, showing no printers under Devices.