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I just bought this printer and am unable to get it to operate.  It came with a CD, but because I have a newer model Dell I do not have a CD drive.  I have tried downloading the drivers for the printer on line at the Canon site for this model, but am unable to extract the files to continue.  


I am also receiving the error message that it cannot detect the printer.  When I first begin it tells me the printer is detected, to wait while installation is completed, then the error message that the printer is not detected.  I have unplugged it from the computer, changed ports, and unplugged it from the printer several times, and turned the printer off and numerous times as well.  Any ideas?  And thank you.




We cannot provide much assistance without more information.

What OS and build of windows is the "new dell" running?

Are you connecting to a wireless network or just using USB?

The error above has nothing to do with detection, this is a failure of the self extracting Zip file to successful extract itself.

Windows has native support for zip files., you do not need WinZip unless you are creating password protected archives. 

You can also bypass the self extractor by renaming the file (right-click) win-mg2500-1_1 -ucd.exe to win-mg2500-1_1

Now right-click and select Extract All


Since you may be past this point, have a look at Device Manager and let us know what you see connected to USB.

Are you sure your USB cable is good, and are you connecting directly to your PC or motherboard and not to a hub or adapter?

And last, are you running a 3rd party antivirus solution that might be blocking the printer from being detected? 



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