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MX-922 How to Print -1- Envelope ??


Pixma MX-922 Printer... Envelope ??
-- I think my brain stopped working... I CAN NOT figure out how to print -1- single envelope- -??- -??

Where is the rear feed slot?? There is a small opening JUST under the lid, but the printer wont pull it it ( maybe for photo)
-- I tried the top cassette-- but it's not long enough
-- I PUT the single envelope on TOP of my letter size paper and the printer would not pull it in.. ??
I googled it.. and found a page where someone said YOU MUST REMOVE-- all your Letter paper and put the SINGLE envelope in to print it on the MX922
I -- KNOW -- this CAN NOT be correct..
the guy who told me that MUST be an idiot.
-- No one would create a printer where you have to remove ALL your letter size paper just to print -1- envelope