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MP495 printer error is eo3 but there is no paper jam, unable to resolve, orange alarm light on.


Any suggestions?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello mikecop.


Please try the following to see if we can resolve your issue:


1.  Turn the printer off.

2.  Unplug the power from the printer for at least 5-10 minutes.

3.  While unplugged, remove any paper from the unit.

4.  Double check for any obstructions found in the unit or paper paths.

5.  If no obstructions are found, plug the power back in and turn the unit on.


If the issue persists, please contact our support group over the phone at 1-800-OK-CANON for additional assistance.

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I am having the same issue. Error message E03 with orange alarm light and black ink light on as well. The ink cartridges are locked in place and will not move forward. There is nothing in the tray. I printed one sheet wirelessly from my MAC running OS Yosemite, and the printer gave me a printer jam error. I tried the troubleshoots in the manual, cleared the paper tray, turned the printer off for 10 minutes, and nothing resets the error message.


More detailed troubleshooting measures would be appreciated!

The mechanical paper sensors of this printer might be blocked or has not returned to its normal position after a jammed paper has been removed. 
You can use vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean this sensors. Please see attached picture.
 You can also try to manually pass through a paper to the printer simulating a paper movement during normal printing operation. This will correct the position of the paper sensors. The printer must be OFF when you do this.
Happiness for your Printer

Thanks for your reply. FYI. There is no picture attached to your reply.


I have tried everything. The first thing I tried was to slide paper through hoping to clear the non-existent jam. It is mechanically impossible to slide paper through when the printer is off or on. There is no way to push it and no way to pull it or roll it through.


Am using my Epson R320 Photo Stylus reliable workhorse while waiting for the new printer I ordered to arrive.


It appears to be a failure within the onboard computer of the printer that has nothing to do with paper jams. There are so complaints about this particular printer model and Canon has failed to correct the problem. The question is, was it designed to fail or a design flaw.