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MG7520 Printing B&W with magenta tint Glossy


I've had an Pixma MG7520 for about a week. I've printed some beautiful B&W prints on semi-gloss, but the Canon "Photo Paper Glossy" is printing with a magenta tint. The specific profile recommended is "Glossy Photo Paper N." But, that profile is not available in my settings, so I used the recommended alternative, "Glossy Photo Paper." I thought it was just the printer until I ran out an 8x10 on Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss, which came out perfect. Any ideas? Is there somewhere I can download Mac drivers other than those I've downloaded from Canon's site, for this printer?


I have an iMac with OS 10.6.8 if that helps. Also, should it matter whether I print from an RGB, CMYK or Gray scale image? Or whether it is TIF or JPG?



I have the same problen with an MG7720 I bought 2 days ago. It prints perfect B&W to Canon Semi Gloss Paper but prints a heavily tinted magenta cast on Pro Master Glossy


Any Ideas?