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MG7120 Printer on MacBook Pro 11.2.3 How to change print preferences to Black/white


This is my first time posting a question.  I hope I have provided all necessary information.  I want to change my printing preferenc to print black ink only.  All my ink cartridges are loaded and functioning.  I've tried to figure this out on my own, but not finding how to do this.  Can someone please help me?


Additionally, I have previously been able to print Black/White.  That pop-up screen is no longer showing.  Perhaps I'm also looking for this to be my default preference as well.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi WL1,


The PIXMA MG7120 uses Airprint, the built in printing system of your Mac.  Because of this, the printing options that you see are generated by the application that you are using.  If black and white or monochrome is not an option, then it is not available.






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Thanks so much for your response.  As you can see from my inquiry, I stated I was able to print in black/white up until recently when that dialog box stopped including that option (for some unknown reason).  So I am still hoping someone can respond to this in order to provide me an option to make black/white my default.

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