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MG6860 is not printing PGBK black


I have researched quite a number of posts re this problem and have gone through a ream of paper and ink cartridges by doing cleaning, deep cleaning and nozzle checks - Including going through 2 PGBK cartidges.


Here's the thing ... The printer is not printing black, however, the PGBK cartridge is being emptied ?!  Where is the ink going if it's not printing on the paper ?


I have seen posts suggesting to set the paper setting to Glossy Photo Paper to print out black, which works, but it is only using the normal black cartridge - not the PGBK.  I have also updated the firmware but still have no black printing.  I have removed the printhead and washed it out with hot water, as suggested by another post, but still no PGBK printing out.  The other colour cartridges work fine.


Has anyone got any other ideas ?



My PGBK cartridge on a Pixma MG won't print either, I've just wasted money buying a new Canon cartridge - still doesn't work. Having to do the photo print workaround.


I gave up trying to get the Canon Pixma to print with the black and picked up the whole unit and threw it in the bin - extra cartridges and all.  Bought an Epson Expression Home XP-3105 a year ago and it has worked flawlessly.

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