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MG6320 image misaligned on CD/DVD


When I print images on CDs and DVDs the image is misaligned vertically by nearly 1/2 inch.  I have tried several programs like Paint, Windows Live Photo, Picture Viewer, Microsoft Office Picture Viewer, GIMP, Photoshop Elements, ArcSoft Photo Studio, and Canon EasyPhoto EX.  I am running Windows 7.


Most programs automatically position the image about 1/2 inch off center with no option to move the image.  When a print preview is opened, it actually shows the image off center.


I found that ArcSoft Photo Studio does have a print setting that will allow one to shift the image but after a lot of trial and error it still is not quite satisfactory, with ink running off the disc edges onto the disc tray.


One note:  I have printed thousands of CDs and DVDs on Epson RX340 and an HP all-in-one with no problems.  I could just open any of the above programs and with just a few mouse clicks print a disc that was centered just fine.  So far I have wasted about two dozen DVDs trying to get an acceptable print on my new Canon MG6320.  At this point I wish they would take it back and I would buy another Epson.  And anyone that asks me, that is exactly what I will tell them, even though I have Canon camera and scanner equipment.


Now on to Canon EasyPhoto EX, the software that came with my new Pixma MG6320. 

1. Canon should drop the "Easy" portion of the software name.  It may have lots of bells and whistles for some needs, but it is incredibly intensive just to get one image to print on a CD.

2. There is no blank layout to choose from.  Even if you pick "Simple" you still have a background to delete, along with 3 text lines to delete, and you have to resize and center the chosen image manually. 

3. Canon designers should actually have to use the software they create and count mouse clicks just to do something simple (I just counted 17 not counting the interaction required with the printer itself).  Their performance bonus should be in inverse proportion to the number of mouse clicks required to perform simple functions.


What I want to do is to print one image, centered on the disc and covering the whole printable area, and with no text added


Through searching this forum and others, I find other users (buyers) want to do the same thing. 


I like the physical printer itself, although it has a large desktop footprint, and you have to leave the inner cover closed until it tells you to proceed when printing discs, then press OK on the screen - neither Epson nor HP had this extra set of steps to delay you.


I don't think I should have to buy third-party software to handle this issue, but if someone knows of free software that will solve the issue, I would be grateful.  If Canon would develop an update that would streamline this simple task, that would be acceptable, too.  If Canon had a way to save the complete format to a file, then just add your selected image, that would be fine, too.


Any help out there at all?




Did anyone help you?  I have the same problem.  Print to disc out of alignment .250 in Y axes?  Canon MG6320

Canon service center sent me a replacement printer.  It is no different - images still off center with third party software.  I'm not sure what I did, through many trials and errors, but now the Canon Easy-Photo does print CD images correctly centered!


So far I am laboring through each CD print with the Canon software.  I still want to try to get a better solution, too.

Rising Star

Hi oldtruckoldergu and bottlna,


You may need to upgrade Easy-PhotoPrint EX to correct this issue.  If you are using a version prior to 4.1.6, then visit our website to upgrade the software.  


If this didn't work, or if you have any other questions, please feel free to Contact Us!

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I am already using version 4.1.6 and still not happy with Canon software.  If Canon engineers would listen, they could generate an update that would at least address some of the issues mentioned in the original post.

Canon printer MG6320 out of alinement by 1/4 inch in Y-axes trying to print DVDs. I tried everything I read. If I can't fix this soon, I'll buy an Epson and throw this of piece of crap in the garbage.

I have had the problem for a couple months now. I gave up last time and just tried doing it again...always off about a 1/2 inch. I brought this thinking it would be great to put my films on since it's all Canon gear I own and love...this has me so upset...can't fulfill my orders. What should I do? Much Love...Kathy

I have upgraded firmware, software, and drivers. Double images on everything on the DVD labels. The Easy-PhotoPrint EX is a terrible and unintuitive piece of software junk. 

Wondering if you figured anything out yet. I've been going through this forever now!! Hope you have worked things out and would love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks so much,

Rising Star

Hi everyone,


The cause for this issue may be different from person to person.  For this reason, I recommend contacting us for more immediate, interactive and specific troubleshooting steps.

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