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MG6320 Printing Blanks


I have an older model MG6320 which is printing blanks.  All ink cartridges are full, and I've done a nozzle check and deep cleaning.  Uninstalled, reinstalled printer.  Reconnected to my router.  All to no avail.  



You did good troubleshooting steps.

If using aftermarket cartridges, I'd try Canon to at least rule that out.

Make sure contacts are clean, both printer and cartridges.

 If no luck, it sounds like an electronics problem with the printer.

Canon as has a program for giving a discount on printer upgrade when out of warranty printer fails.  Might find out more online (Canon support) or 1-800-OK-CANON.

Others may chime in also.

Thanks for your response!  I am using Canon cartridges.  Have done lots of on-line searching - Canon support says its no longer serviced.  Agree with you that it may be end-of-life - it was great until it wasn't 🙂  Thx again,

You're welcome.  : )  And shoot, was hoping it would work out.

Also, I should've mentioned "replacement" instead of "upgrade."  I had that mixed up.  Canon doesn't try to sell upgrades as soon as a previous out of warranty printer goes out.

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