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MG5220 Scanning is not dark enough


I haven't used my scanner on the printer until recently.  It does scan, and I save as .pdf document on a flash drive.  But it doesn't scan very dark.  It is sometimes impossible to read or see what I've scanned.  Anyone else have this issue?  Wondering if there is a setting I should be trying to change somewhere?



I work in a store, and we serve print and photo copies. Sau.ya've also perform a scan when a customer ordered, the results look less black, I think the thing to do is to clean the scanner glass, it may be dirty, so it covers the surface of the scan. Another thing that also cause this is catrige black problematic or damaged so it needs to be replaced the new premises.

This is my experience, I hope to help you. thank you.


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I'm not sure either of those will resolve the issue.  Sometimes the document is fine, other times it's so light you can barely tell anything was written.  I thought it had to do with how hard the person is pressing while writing, but it's not.  There is no real consistent reason for it happening that I can tell...


Hi brat2394,


 If you are scanning from the computer, you can manually adjust the brightness and contrast from the scanner driver.


  1. Open MP Navigator.
  2. Select "Scan/Import."
  3. Select "Photos/Documents (Platen.)"
  4. Check the "Use the scanner driver" box
  5. Press "Open Scanner Driver."
  6. Select the "Advanced Mode" tab in the upper right of the window.
  7. Press the brightness/contrast button just above "Preview."
  8. Sweeten to taste.


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