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MG3620--keeps going offline and won't accept encrypted encrypted print jobs


I just bought a MG3620 last month and I am having 2 problems.

One, the printer won't stay on line, so every day I have to go and turn the printer back on before I print anything.

Two, every time I try to print something I get a message that my printer no longer accepts encrypted print jobs, which I then have to override manually.

How do I fix these issues?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi sls575,

To keep your PIXMA MG3620 from going offline, please follow these steps:

1. Please turn your PIXMA MG3620 on.

2. Press and hold Stop button and release it when Alarm lamp flashes 14 times.

3. Press Color Start button.

4. Press and hold Stop button and release it when Alarm lamp flashes 13 times.

5. Press Black Start button.

In regards to the printing issue, what method do you use to encrypt your print jobs?

If you attempt to print without encryption, do you get an error?

What is the exact wording of the error message that you get?

What version of Windows are you using?
If you are using a Mac, what version of OSX is installed?

Are you using your PIXMA MG3620 wirelessly?
Or with a USB cable?











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Thanks for the reply. I have never intentionally tried to encrypt print jobs, I just use the print function as is. I am using the printer wirelessly.

As for the other questions, I can answer them when I return from vacation 


Same here.  All of a sudden, jobs from my adroid phone stopped working - it says they printer won't accept encrypted jobs.  I have no idea what to do.

(I waste sooooo much time trying to get this printer working.)

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