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MG3620 Error 2 flashes - Paper Jam?


I believe I have used my printer without a major problem probably for about a year. Today I have a paper jam (is that what the 2 flash error light is telling me?) and I thought I had cleared it. However I am getting a green light on the power light, a blue light on the wireless light and a yellow light flashing twice on the error light. I press the 'black' button per the manual and the error light clears. I then try to send a test page - at this point only the test page shows on the print queue. The printer makes noise like it is working and soon the yellow error light comes back on and the printer stops. I then get an error dialog that says that 'the printer is performing another operation' (see pasted image of dialog below)

I would appreciate advice re what to try next. I suspect there is still a jam but I did everything I read in the manual and have done what it says I should do to clear a jam. At this point, I am perplexed.

Thanks, Bob2024-06-15_14-14-47.jpg

I would appreciate your advice - what next?

Thanks, Bob


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Bob_G,

First, let's perform a test of your MG3620.

Please unplug the power cord and remove all of the paper from your printer.

Reconnect the power cord and then turn your MG3620 on.

Is the error light off?  If so, please continue.

Insert a few sheets of plain paper, 8.5" x 11" (letter) size into the tray of your MG3620.

Please hold down the STOP button until the Error light blinks 1 time, then release it immediately.

Did the test page print?

If not, how many times does the error light blink now?

If you continue to have difficulties, please contact our support group using the following link:






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