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MG 6620 black only print is blurry


I added paper at the same time my printer was trying to pull in a sheet of paper to print on and it grabbed about 10 sheets of paper. All pages came out together like they were one sheet of paper.  After that happened, the black print coming from the large black ink cartridge is now blurry.  I have done the cleanings, align print head etc and nothing is helping. I have replaced the large black cartridge but that did not help.  Printing from the small black ink cartridge prints great but I would like to fix this if I can.  When I print out the test print pattern the grid in black ink shows a bow in the vertical lines.  Anyone know of a fix for this? Thanks in advance.



Hi Irkuta.


If the other cleanings haven't helped, try gently cleaning the timing strip with a dry cotton swab.  If the timing strip doesn't clean effectively with dry swabs, lightly moisten one or more cotton swabs, and use those to gently clean.  Once the timing strip seems to be clean of any smudges, use one or two dry swabs to absorb the water, then try printing again.


If the problem persists, then the printer will need to be replaced.  One option I can offer is the Canon Upgrade Program. The Canon Upgrade Program provides a one-time discount on the purchase of a replacement printer directly through Canon U.S.A., and comes with free ground shipping.

If you're interested, you may call one of our phone-based Canon Direct agents at (866) 443-8002. You will need to have the printer's serial number for this call; the serial number may be found on the back of or inside the front of the printer. Please keep in mind, you are under no obligation to take advantage of this offer immediately to gain the information.


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The Canon PIXMA MG6620 printer itself is fine. There is nothing wrong with either the hardware or the firmware.

Canon's drivers for both Windows 10 and Windows 11 are permanently borked.

However, this printer produces perfectly sharp, crisp black text output in both Debian Linux 11 ("Bullseye") and Linux Mint 21.1 ("Vera"), using OpenOffice Writer.

It will still produce gorgeous full color, high resolution pictures.

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