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Keep getting error message that printer driver is invalid for Canon MG3022


I have a Canon MG3022 printer ( had it for over a year and has been working fine)  It is hooked up to a HP notebook that Ive had for 3 years. All was working fine until about 3 weeks ago nothing wouold work , after a lot of frustration I finally had to reinstall the windows 10 which I had read they had made a mistake in and it screweed up a lot of computers that had downloaded one of their updates.. Anyways got it working again and had to reinstall all of my programs including the printer. After adding it it shows on the laptop but it wil not print in any of my applications. Says diver invalid and other stuff. Ive tried everything HP has suggested and reinstalled properly this printer driver so many times I am at the end of my rope. Ive tried so many drivers and all different kinds of methods to reinstall it but it still shows as the default printer but it just keeps giving the driver message. I just added the canon app to my phone and it worked fine. I wrote to HP and asked for help and they said it was basically a Canon problem. So anyone have any idea what I can do besides taking a hammer to them. Ive been trying  to fix tyhe printer mess for 3 days now.. I am pretty computer savy so when I ask it is a big problem.. Hopefully someone here canmake it a simple fix.. 




Where are you getting the printer driver(s) from?


Support page for your printer


"Hooked up"..   How...  wireless, USB cable?


What windows 10 build and verson are you running?


"Invalid driver and other stuff"  We need more information or the specific error messages you are receiving.  "Other stuff" is a little vague. 

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All the drivers I have got were.. first the disk that came with the printer then from either Canon website or using the windows driver update. Ive tried wireless and usb. Other stuff all pertain to the driver not being right or not working or not recognized.. just worded different in the different apps I tried..Ater my original post  something popped up quickly but dissappeared and I barely saw it but found it had said something about enable bidirectional support, but I looked on the port setting and it did not have that listed where it showed on the instructions I was reading so maybe I need to be looking at port problems. Would that give me driver problems? I burned out today so tomorrow I may try using a different port if you don't have another suggestion.


I'm using Windows 10 Home, version 1903,  OS build 18362.476


And not sure I mentioned  before I downloaded the Canon print app on my phone and it works just fine so I know the printer is working and is connected to my router. 

Also the printer does show up on my laptop as the default printer.  It shows up on all the apps as the default printer. Its just the driver is not working with the apps. It worked fine for over a year until the problems I had after the windows update last month I think it was. 



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OK will call.. btw I just wanted to add, The scanner is working fine through ther laptop so its just the printer not working

Well I called and after waiting 30 minutes it hung up on me.. Thanks

Finally got through.. After 2 and a halfhours on the phone and trying everything the tech suggested it still does not work. He finally agreed with me it is a HP/Windows problem not Canon. The driver is the right one and works with the scanner so he said if it was the wrong driver it would not work with the scanner. I am hoping to get a Mac laptop for Cristmas from Santa. I alled hp but wait time is way to long. I will use it from the phonefor now. 

I have to add the tech Lewis was the nicest support person I have ever dealth with. He was so patient and never sounded like he was tired of trying ,and I mean he tried everything. He even got on one of their computers to make sure the driver I was downloading was right caz on my laptop it was not saying it was the right one so he gave me anther way to download it and it  did right, I mean honestly he went aboveandbeyond.. 2 and a half hours.. and in the end it was me who said I am sure it was Hp and he agreed but he never once tried to pass me off to HP like they did. They didnt even try they just said oh its a Canon problem.. well they lost me as a customer. Anyways thanks to Lewis again..