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Ip8720 won't complete driver install in Windows 11


Bought this printer and can't get it to install in Windows 11 via USB. Install process says that the "printer is detected" then just sits there until it says "printer not detected". "Try unplugging and reinserting cable, restart computer, etc."...nothing works. "Support" said its a Dell issue, that my ports aren't working properly on my brand new Alienware i7 that has 3 other fully functioning printers currently connected to it. They were absolutely no help beyond telling me to plug it in again and restart my computer. Wouldn't even admit that it could be a software/driver compatibility issue with Windows 11. When will an official Windows 11 driver come out for this product?




Windows 11 drivers were made available 10/4/2021

What driver are you trying to install?


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installed updated driver for windows 11 and still it just disconnects half way through the install.  If you unplug the usb and plug it back in printer detects and starts process all over then 2 mins later disconnects.  Guess its time to buy competitor that works on my alienware R12 if this is all you get back.    seems like their missing something here since my brother laserjet works great.  I found an epson wide printer for my wife.  So the question is if it there is no help for getting this resolved I guess its on to ones that don't require WPS for networks and can't update win11 after 6 months time.   Is there newer drivers than the one mentioned here?  Is there some way to make this work or is this printer just to old (LOL) for new stuff.  for instance can't get it to connect wirelessly to my Google nest either since new routers don't support wps and the phone app never detects the printer either. 

ok got this one finally figured out and created my own workaround.   The windows 11 driver still refuses to install but if when the driver installation detects the printer and then fails 2 mins later you simply cancel the installation.  Then go

1) using winrar or some other zip utility uncompress the exe file into a directory.  

2) go to control panel add devices and printers and manually add a printer

3) don't let it search for your printer just manually add a cannon pixma ip8720 printer

4) say have disk and go add the driver manually yourself selecting the newly created directory. (note I didn't have to do this as the driver was there now from the failed install but if not this should simply select the driver)

5) printer installed now you should be able to say print test page.

6) if you want all the apps rerun the exe full package installation again but do not select the first box which is driver install.  - It still fails to work.  just install all the software components after the driver install

7) done.  Of course this is a Dell or Microsoft problem right? at least that is what support tells you but this kind of proves all theories wrong. It's not your USB port. it's not the PC it is the application and how it detects the printer or whatever it is doing and this proves it and fixes the issue.