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I have a canon mp280 printer I just changed the ink cartrigages and now it won't print it says that


I have a canonmp280 printer and i need help on realigning it



Hi rosebud1799,


To perform a print head alignment from the printer, please follow these steps:


  1. Ensure that the printer is powered on.

  2. Load paper.
    • Open the Paper Support, raise it, then tip it back (1).
    • Open the Paper Output Tray gently, and open the Output Tray Extension (2).

  3. Load a sheet of A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in the auto sheet feeder (or ASF).

  4. Print the print head alignment sheet.
    1. Press the <> (Maintenance) button repeatedly until [u] appears.

      Note: If you want to print out the current alignment values, select on the LED to print the current head position adjustment values.
    2. Press the <Black> or <Color> button. The machine prints the head alignment sheet.

      Note: Do not touch any printed part on the print head alignment sheet. Do not dirty the print head alignment sheet. If the sheet is stained or wrinkled, the pattern may not be scanned correctly.

  5. Scan the print head alignment sheet to adjust the print head position.
    1. Place the print head alignment sheet on the platen glass, then close the Document Cover gently. Place the print head alignment sheet with the printed side facing down on the glass and the align the mark or the upper corner of the sheet with the alignment mark .

    2. Confirm that U is displayed in the LED.
      If U is not displayed, press the <Maintenance> button repeatedly until [U] appears.

    3. Press the <Black> or <Color> button.

  6. The machine scans the head alignment sheet and aligns the print head automatically. When adjusting the print head position is complete, the LED returns to the copy standby mode. Remove the sheet on the Platen Glass.

    Do not open the Document Cover or move the print head alignment sheet until scanning is complete.

Hope this helps!


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