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How to Scan on macOS Mojave 10.14.1 with Canon MX870


Hi all,


I'm having difficulty scanning from my MX870 ever since I upgraded my macbook pro to Mojave. It seems the MP Navigator software no longer works on this system and the replacement software "My Image Garden" is not allowing me to scan. The icon is grayed out. Can anyone help?





(an) answer is easy - as usual Apple have already supplied a utility that is simple and way better than the silly Image Garden thing.

Just look in your Applications folder for ImageCapture. This sees and controls my MX725 for scanning.

Works for me 🙂

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You'd think Canon could let us know about this workaround if they plan not to upgrade the software.  WHY does it print but not scan??

image capture is also refusing to work suddenly so what a shame


scanner is not being recognized although the printer function is installed and working within normal parameters.


Settings and preferences wont let me add a scanner ... something is off with Canon and iMac


It would still be better if Canon did not drop the printer from support.

They build a quality product then stop supporting it well before the end of it's life. Stupid.

That's interesting - thanks for the info. ImageCapture is basic, but it'll do for me..


This SUCKS, Canon!  WHY would you not upgrade the software for the new operating system?  I just spent (wasted) an hour of my time trying to do a basic thing-scan-that I have done with this printer 1,000 times.  All of a sudden it doesn't work, all because you choose not to upgrade the software.  NOR do you post a way for people to make it work, namely, open the Image Capture app on a mac.  Took me an hour to figure this out, making my lease agent wait for what I told her would be coming right over.  No problem printing, but for some inexplicable reason it will not scan.  


You guys suck.  I am SO pissed.  NEVR AGAIN will I buy a Canon personal printer.  

I just executed a lease for a Canon IPF2000 large-format inkjet printer.  I can only pray that your software will update when another OS upgrade comes.