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Having trouble with my Pixma mx870 printer

Im trying to print somthing but my computer cant connect to my pixma870 printer it has a support code saying 300 the printer erly connected to your computer. I checked the wifi on my printer its ok but i dont know why it dont print. I called the tech support they said they dont support my printer no more. Im so mad coz how come canon cant help a customer even my printer model is not that old. Canon should still support it now i dont know what to do i have school documents that i have to print and indont have money to buy a new one pls. Help


I understand your frustration, though the printer appears to have come out in 2010.  Very few companies will support electronics that old.


I couldn't find anything regarding error code 300 at this Support Link (you can search for error codes there).  Perhaps check out the troubleshooting section in the manual for any tips.



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I am having the same issue. When I uninstall the printer from my computer and go to re-add, the printer doesn't even show up. The printer says it's connected to the access point, so the issue seems to be that it just won't connect to my computer. Help.