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Hard Reset for PIXMA G3200?




Yesterday I printed something out and found the color inks faded so tried running a deep cleaning, but instead of the procedure, it went into an error mode that I am unable to extricate it from. It exhibits the series of 7 flashing lights alternating between On and Alarm lamps. The error codes 5B00 or B501 say I need to send it in for service. Really, it has not been a problem before attempting to clean. I've read some methods to reset it, annd I tried these and unplugging, etc., but it will not exit the error lights mode.


Okay, I may have to send it in, though it's out of warranty, but really would prefer not to invest $ into shipping and repair annd return shipping. I'd almost rather just go to Fedex/Kinkos and print things, since I figure I've paid about a dollar a page (I don't print much).


Any help on attempting a hard factory type reset (assuming there exists such an option) would be much appreciated. At least I could then see if it would be an absolute problem only repaired by a servicing.


Thanks in advance,




Hey, thanks for your assistance. The best I've been able to do is get the printer to print b/w, and only by plugging into the printer (no wireless) and only selecting a Gutenberg vs of the driver. Only hesitation to trying your method is that I'm using the new M1 chip Mac and it does many things differently (many apps, I've learned, are taking a long time updating), and it may be a crapshoot. BUT, better a $9.99 crapshoot than a $30 crapshoot (from another solution above, which I still appreciated, but didn't take).
Anyway, many thanks...I'll try it.


Canon G series reset page counter for ink absorber full (error 5B00)
Don't pay for a WIC program key.
This is FREE using just the printer's buttons.

Worked on my Canon G3200

(Enter Service Mode)
-- Turn Printer Off
-- Press and HOLD the Stop button (red Triangle - keep holding until release *)
-- Press and HOLD Power button (keep holding until release **)
-*- Release the Stop Button
-- Press the stop button 5 times
-**- Release the Power button

(Waste ink tank reset)
-- While in service mode
-- Press the Stop button 5 times
-- Press the Power Button once
-- -- wait -- for it to reset followed by a single page to run through the printer --
-- Press the Stop button 3 times
-- Press the Power Button once
-- -- wait -- for it to reset followed by a single page to run through the printer --
-- Turn off the printer
-- Turn the printer back on & the 5B00 code should be cleared

(Ink filling)(air bubbles in pipes)
-- Turn on the printer (normal startup)
-- Press and hold the stop button for about 5 seconds: watch for 5 flashes and then release
-- -- the printer will run through an extended cycle, use a lot of ink & dump a lot into the waste ink tank


Credit where credit is due to Reddit user Deadtobealive: [LINK REMOVED] 

I can easily get it into service mode (blinking power light), but I can't obtain a counter reset. It goes into a weird nonresponsive state with the power light steady if I press the stop button 5 times and then the power button while in service mode. Maybe my button pushing timing is off ... ?