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Green and Magenta tints.


How is it that I'm getting both green and magenta tints in the same b&w print? Green most apparent in darker mid-tones  Canon PIXMA ip8720 / Canon Premium Matte paper. Settings; -10 magenta in Color Manage. / printer managed color / relative colorimetric / driver matching / sRGB color space in PSE 15.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi brassman,


Please make sure that the installed ink tanks are correct and full of ink.  The correct order is:


CLI-251 Black
CLI-251 Gray

CLI-251 Yellow

CLI-251 Cyan
CLI-251 Magenta


Next, a test of your PIXMA iP8720 should be performed.  The Nozzle Check pattern shows if each print head nozzle is operating properly.  Please perform the following steps to print a Nozzle Check pattern:


1.  Turn your PIXMA iP8720 on and make sure paper is loaded into the sheet feeder.


2.  Press and hold the RESUME button on your PIXMA iP8720 until the printer light blinks twice. When you release the button, the Nozzle Check pattern will be printed.


3.  After the Nozzle Check pattern is printed, compare the results to the example below.


Does the test page print correctly?


iP8720 Nozzle Check.jpg

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I removed the print head and thoroghly flushed all ink following the instructions most often suggested. Used distilled water only and was careful not to get anything wet that isn't supposed to get wet. Completely let the head dry out and replaced into the printer per instructions and ran several nozzel checks and even a few cleanings. On the printout all of the colors look solid except for the black ink which still has a faint band of white or a lighter shade of black and faint white lines running horizontally from end to end . Could this still be a clogged black print jet and the reason I'll getting blue or cyan tints within certain black/dark gray areas in my b&w prints?

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