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G7020 stopped printing color after Mac Monterey update


Hi. As stated, the print function wasn't working for color after I upgraded the OS. Then it started to only print very faint B&W.

I went through a stage where the MFU kept asking for a new driver and there wasn't one on the website. I finally download a new driver a few weeks ago. 


Frankly, I don't print much and have been too busy to deal with it, but now I have something that *must* be printed and I'd like to get the color going again or it will be too dried up to restart.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer. 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Canon Customer,

Please follow the steps on this page to perform a nozzle check and cleanings (if necessary):

If the issue persists, please take a photo of the nozzle check that you printed and attach it to your reply of the post.






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Wow. Could you possibly Mae it any more difficult to do this? And you want me to enter a unique password on a link that's not secure? I like this printer, but it's a poor choice for someone who prints infrequently, but when I need to print it would be nice to have a legible copy, especially because when I need to print it's usually a legal or a sales document. FYI, I did a nozzle check, a cleaning and two deep cleanings and it did not fix the issue. Not only does it still print poorly, but it sometimes prints black and sometimes blue-ish, in the same document at times. I've wasted a lot of ink, but there is still plenty. Thanks for the suggestions, but I'll need to come back to this, I'm out of time to mess around.