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G7020 Does not Print Black text, does print black images


I removed a paper jam from the printer now it will not print in black text, it does print black images, and prints color. How can this be? How to fix????? 

I went through all the online troubleshooting suggestions.  I removed and reinstalled the black print head.


Were you able to get your printer registered? 

Sorry, I replied to wrong message below.  YES, My printer is registered.  Unfortunately Canon customer service is not as good as many other companies I have dealt with, they want $ before they will help.  Most companies don't want $ until parts are needed.  They should at least offer to credit the $ towards parts purchase.  

If you're out of warranty and you opt to pay for phone support, and our team can't fix the issue over the phone, that fee is credited toward the purchase of a replacement unit using the Canon Upgrade Program. This is explained in detail before you pay. The image below is from my personal My Canon Account: 




Canon phone support had me run through an additional check, ink flush, which the tech said would use about 1/4 tank of ink.  That did not work.  Tech said that Error code 5200 means ink not getting to the printhead.  With the above results, and colored ink works so it is not the pump, he said replacement ink head not likely to fix the problem, and cost of repair not worth it, better to buy a new machine, for which he offered 10% discount.  but price is cheaper from retailers than from canon even after a 10% discount, so off to a retailer I go.  In the meantime, change all my print jobs to use color instead of black ink, so that I can print, and to use the ink that is in the printer.  Also he said that newer printers use different ink, so the brand new bottles I bought last month are not usable in newer models, buy another G7020 to use the ink....