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G3202 ink jet printer won't print blue, have done cleaning and deep cleaning, what else do I do?


Hello, I am using the G3202 and I do not use it all that frequently.  Unfortunately, it seems to not print blue properly quite often and I am stuck doing Deep Cleaning several times before it works.

Previously I would do several Clean and Deep Clean of the print heads.  That used to work.  That did not work the last time or currently.  Last time I did Deep Clean at least 5 times, with no improvement in print results.

I need to know what else to try.  PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME TO CALL CANON - I am not able to be at my printer during when they are open, as I have a day job away from my home, and this is my home printer.  They close before I get home and I am at work when they are open (and I am not able to get up ridiculously early to call before work). 

I need WRITTEN instructions on what else to try please.  I am continuing to search but so far what I'd found just directed people to call if Deep Cleaning didn't work.  As mentioned, Canon is NOT open during hours that work for me to call, and I am good at following WRITTEN instructions so please just provide more tips on what to try myself.  Thank you.


Product Expert
Product Expert


Since the nozzle cleaning and deep cleaning did not resolve the issue, I recommend a system cleaning. Please click HERE for the steps. 

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