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Flashing Green and Orange Lights


Hello! I am new to to this community, but I really need to some assistance. From I tTuesday my printer has been a problem. The lime green light that normally on whenever the printer is on is now flashing and it is not supposed to. In addition an orange light is now flashing it is the one beside the triange with the lighnin bolt going through it. These two lights take turns in flashing. By that I mean it flashes green then quickly flashes orang and the cycle continues as such. I have plugged it out numerous times and that did not fix anything. I even tok out the ink and put it back in. Last I check the ink should be good even if it isn't full, because I barely use the printer. I can't even check it status because on two devices it saya s driver not available and on the only laptop that it should work, it say as it is offline. I tried downloading and installing a driver on one of the laptops but it kept on saying that the printer had connections issues. So in other words I am at a lost. P.s. the model is Pixma MG2522. Thank you!



According to the User Manual (page 32), you'll need to contact Canon's service department:


"ON lamp flashes green and Alarm lamp flashes orange alternately: An error that requires contacting the service center may have occurred.". 


There may be an additional support code indicated by patterns in the flashing lights.  See page 181 and 182 for details.



Note: The linked user manual above is the Macintosh version.  Here's a link to the Windows Version if that is what you need.  The manual should have similar sections describing the issues.


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I just bought the same printer and those green and top yellow lights keep flashing alternating. I went ahead and put the disk in to my laptop and it connected, but I can't even do the alignment thing because it just keeps telling me there is an error. I even tired putting the ink in and the paper, but, nothing doing until the alignment is done.  Did you find out why those lights keep flashing?