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Fine art printing on a Canon Pixma Pro10s


Hello Canon community,


Posting from the UK here as I;m trying to get some support for an issue with my new Canon Pixma Pro10s and i can;t find any similar issues anywhere.


FIrst up - the printer works, is connected to my mac and prints A-OK on standard Canon papers ( Glossy, Oyster and Matt )


I can print throught lightroom, light room plugin and Print Shop Pro - everything works.


Prints look great, no issues there.


However, when I try and print to fine art papers the image will not centre - specifically on A4 (210x297mm)


I am aware of the margin 30 setting for thicker papers - but no matter how I set the job up - the print will come out off centre and at the wrong size.


For instance; lightroom preview gives me a printed area size of 150x237mm on a sheet of A4 which make sense - 30mm margins all around.


But when printed, prints come out smaller at a printed ara size of 210x140mm and with inconsistent margins.


The same happens in Canon's Print Shop Pro, but the alignment is inconsistent with Lightroom. Lightroom's PSP plugin also.


I am baffled. What gives?


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance




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