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Error 5200 message on Canon Pixma MX320


I've been using my Canon Pixma MX320 for probably 7 years now without a problem or ever seeing this 5200 error message, but it appeared tonight for the first time. Long ago I realized I could get along without using the color cartridges and buy black ink only since I'm doing mostly file copies, Groupons, etc. Saves you lots of money this way. Just go to the maintenance section under printers and faxes and reset your printer to print off the black cartridge only, disabling the color cartridge. It works fine with an empty color cartridge in the machine to hold it's place.  If you don't use official Canon cartridges, SOME off-brands cannont be read by the sensors and will not show when  the black ink has been refilled and you have to press the stop button to overide the "out of ink" message you'll get on screen. However, some off- brands, like Jarbo purchased through Amazon, do read out on the sensors, making life easier. Obviously Canon would prefer you buy original cartridges each time at more than double the price. Moving forward, I used the commonly advised 5200 correction routine involving the multiple holding and releasing of the start and stop buttons which did NOT work for me, though it has worked for many people apparently. I also turned the unit on and off repeatedly, as well as unplugging the power cord for a minute, all of which did nothing as just before it was about to feed the paper after going through it's standard "whirs and buzzes" in prep of printing, it would give me a double warning beep and quit. Frustrated, I Googled the problem and found another suggestion which DID work for me! All I had to do was raise the cover to bring the cartridge holders into position for changing. Then remove BOTH cartridges, including the empty color cartridge I use for a place holder, then close the cartridge covers and the top and shut off the machine. After a minute, I turned on the machine, re-loaded both cartridges, and closed the top. The printer automatically began it's print prep cycle. When the sounds stopped, I tried to print something and when it got to the point of feeding the paper, it finally did it! The 5200 error message was now GONE and it is printing as normal using only the one filled black ink cartridge. Hope this works for you, too, if you have this problem. It's most certainly worth a try! I was about to dump this 7 year old unit but now I'm printing as usual without a hassle. 





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