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Customer Support???


Hi, new user to anything Canon...when I registered this MG2522 this morning (with all required data), it seems I clicked out too soon...forgot to do something else re Customer Support - or whatever else was required for me to click on.

Is there anyone here that can help me?

BTW, hate to say this, but Canon product is sooo confusing to setup/use (I don't do pictures, only print emails,various other printable things on websites,etc).

Connecting with W7Pro (64-bit), FF).

Before I forget, for joining this Community, is my username/password changing MyAccount to 2 completely different sets of usernames/passwords? I couldn't find anything as to info re that.

Hope all are safe and in good health.



Hi, Nana1947!


You can click HERE to log back in to your account and modify your personal information at any time. Registering also grants you access to all of the support options available for your printer, so if you need help with your setup, be sure to log in to your registration account to get in touch with our US-based support squad by phone.

Also, your user name and password for the Canon Community Forum are entirely separate and independent from the name and password you used to register your Canon product. They do not affect each other.

Hope this helps!

thanks anyway...still makes me want to register this product ! BTW, there is no option to add a telephone# to be shown under the personal data...but I DID enter my # when I first register this product. I think somebody in IT should re-examine all of this.

I figured it out re the Community and the Account username,etc.


I did submit a tele#...I filled-in everything that was what?

seems like the 'right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing' ...sorry, but I had 12yrs with the Federal govt on the west coast, then 20 yrs in retail here in Ohio...and it seems like both 'industries' follow the same guideline Smiley Sad