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Canon ix4000


Hello, just found this community and hope you can help.


I have a canon ix4000 that I intend to use for printing scanned 35 mm neg film onto canon paper, but the problem that I'm having is to 'fit' the print onto the paper without 'excessive' borders. For example if I designate a 6" x 4" paper, the print comes out in the preview with a border of more than an inch all round and it's the same with any other size.


I can 'fool' the printer by juggling around with the size I opt for, but it's not an ideal situation.


I use Windows 10 PC with Ability Office Photopaint and just currently downloaded Canon easy photoprint, that I can print from without problems to full page with no borders. If I designate borders, I do get a border, but one border is wider than the other!


Thanks in anticipation