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Canon TS9521C ink ran out in a day...seriously?

New Contributor

I just bought this Canon TS9521C crafting printer because we run a printing business from our home.  The cartridges that came with it ran out quickly but I assumed they weren't totally full and were starter cartridges or whatever.  Well I bought a refill pack of all 5 cartridges, replaced them all.  Within ten pages I'm getting a "Low Ink" warning, I continued the print job of less than 100 pages and they're all almost empty except the blacks, and most of what I'm printing are black lines.  This can't be the speed at which I'm going to be using ink, it's insane and I w0uld never have paid $400+ for this printer if the ink was gonna cost me $200 a day, this is insane.  Anybody got any ideas or wanna buy a printer??


Thanks in advance for your help


Product Expert
Product Expert



Canon does have a chat team that would be happy to assist you with this issue. Please click HERE and in the chat box, ask to speak to a live person.  You will be asked to create a Canon account and once that is done, you will be able to connect with one of our chat agents Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, excluding holidays.


We look forward to hearing from you.