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Canon PIXMA MG2920: Color Ink Problem


Hi! I have Canon PIXMA MG2920. Can I print in black without using my color ink cartridge? Thanks!


  1. Go to the printer preferences menu from the print dialog box.
  2. Choose the maintenance TAB.
  3. Click the Ink Cartridge Settings button.
  4. Select Black Only from the drop down menu.
  5. then ok your way back.

Note that Grayscale option does not do the same thing!

Hi! Thank you for your answer! I did what you said, but it did not help... I still get the following message:  "Support Code: 1688 The following ink has run out. "Color ‎<CL-246<Color>>‎"  Replace the ink cartridge." I use macOS is High Sierra 10.13.2 - just in case.

Hi Katerina1,


What I like about the Canon printers is that even though the printer gives you warning about being out of ink, it will still allow you to continue printing.  The message you received should allow you to "ok" acknowledge the message but continue printing anyhow?


If you have selected the option to use the black cartridge only as per previous post then the resulting print should look ok with the black cartridge only being used by the printer to show shades of gray where colour would normally be. You will still get the reminder about the empty colour cartridge however. 


At some point if you continue with the empty colour cartridge, you will get a more terminal message about it being empty but this time there will be no "ok" button. However, if you read the message in detail, it explains that you can hold down the "cancel/pause" button on the printer (the red circle around red triangle symbol) for more than 5 seconds to over-ride the message. This only works when this message box is appearing on your screen.


All of the above should work the same on either Windows or MacOS.

Yeah, it works!! Thank you very much!

Excellent, thanks for letting everyone know!