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Canon MX922 Error 1311 caused by No 6 3/4 Envelope


I wanted desperately to print on a No 6 3/4 envelope (6.5"x 3.5'), even though clearly the Canon MX922 sheet feeder didn't accommodate them, as they are too small. But I tried anyway. It fed one, then the next jammed. One was retrievable, but the other, even following the error guidance, remained invisibly up inside the paper path. The Canon error guidance was good, but it couldn't outwit my stupidity feeding a too-small item.

I read and watched everything. No luck.

However, I finally realized I might be able to gently poke it through. I took a No. 10 Envelope (4 1/8 "x 9 1/2"), sealed it, let it dry. I then:

  1. turned off the printer;
  2. removed the rear paper feed cover, then the inner white feed guide (as clearly explained in the Canon Error 1311 guidance);
  3. gently pushed the short side of the no. 10 envelope into the paper path at the rear until it wouldn't go any further;
  4. turned on the printer;
  5. and the printer ejected both the hidden small envelope and the long No. 10 envelope.
  6. Saved $400+ on a new printer or endless hassle in a shop.