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Canon MX340 Printer Restarting over and over again.




My printer recently stopped working out of the blue and it keeps restarting over and over and over again in an endless loop.

Is there anyone here who is able to solve this issue? If so please reply to this post.


P.S. I have tried google searching for the answer but there were no results.






For this behavior, you would usually turn off and unplug the printer.  Wait 15 sec, reconnect to power and turn it back on.  You are not suppose to disconnect it when the power light is illuminated.  There can be some residuale power for a few seconds after power off, this is to protect the print head. 


You should also check that all doors, trays, covers etc are closed and fully seated when off. 


Has it been subjected to some kind of power surge or anomoly? 


When did it work last?  What precipitated the behavior?

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Hello, I tried what you asked where I turn it off and unplug the printer. wait 15 seconds, reconnect power and turn it back on. But this sadly did not work. Basically as soon as I plug the printer into any power source it starts turning off and on really fast. and for some reason, the scanner decided to move by its self and get stuck at the end. It last worked about a week or 2 ago. I'm not exactly sure what caused this.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Bytetrex,


It looks like the printer is having a hardware issues but there might be a problem with the amount of power that is getting to the MX340. In this situation, you can try unplugging the printer from the power and then pressing the power button 10 times with the printer unplugged. After pressing the power button 10 times, you can plug the printer into a different power source.


If you still have the problem when the printer, it would mean the printer needs service or replacement. You could use our upgrade program to get a discount and free shipping on a replacement printer. To use the Upgrade program, you can contact our sales department at 1-800-652-2666 and let them know you were working with support and that the Upgrade program was offered.


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I experienced the very same thing with my MX-492 - out of the blue, just started restarting over and over.  After reading several posts and watching a couple of videos, here's what I came up with:

1. Printer needs to be powered-off to do this -- tricky because it was constantly rebooting, but I had just enough time from when the power light went out until it rebooted to complete this

2. Hold Stop button down for 2 secs

3. After 2 secs, keep holding Stop button down, but now hold down Start button for 2 secs as well

4. After Step 3, release Stop button for 2 secs

5. After Step 4, keep Start button pressed, and at the same time press and release Stop button at least 5 times (if you can get in more, go for it) - here's the video if you need some coaching:

6. Printer made some weird noises and, in my case, had to perform the steps once more, then IT WAS BACK TO NORMAL!!

I know the steps above seem a bit complicated, but it's really not bad...and with the option being a costly repair or replacement, what have you got to lose?  Worked great for me 🙂

Apparently Canon has decided to push new software within last 24 hours to rectify issue. My MX490 miraculously starting working again. No more reboot looping.


Canon, SMH!! Why ya'll not fix this issue, Frimware update?, started doing ti to me today, June 1st, wierd thing is, it started doing it in the morning, after updating my router's firmware "Netgear R6350" to latest update... and after that printer started turning on, off, on, off all day, had to unplug, just says Canon on the LCD screen, buttons don't work!! so pissed!


I have the same issue with the Pixma. It just turns on and off repeatedly until I have not other choice but to unplug it. Please help. Much like GeekPR1977, I get no error message just the Canon on the LCD screen

Exact Same PROBLEM!!!  Why won't Canon give us the SOLUTION!!!?


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