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Canon G7020 same Printer head issue on replacement printer


Hi there! I feel bad having to ask for help again. However, the replacement printer I've had for a few months is now doing the same issue I had before with my original printer. On the last printer we discussed that it was the printer head being clogged but we couldn't get them to work no matter what we did so they had me turn it in for a replacement. (which I'm really hoping to avoid) This time no matter how many ink flushes, head alignments, deep cleanings, printer resetting I do its striping and printing thin rainbows on every single color. Also my black has gotten blurry. I print on my computer almost every other day for my small business and it also doesn't move from its position on my desk. Nothings hit it and my paper type/settings have not changed. I don't know if I'm doing something since this has happened twice now however, I'm starting to just give up. I've had to purchase a lot of ink bottles in all this process too and tried to get a hold of service earlier today but I think they were a little too busy so I'll again tomorrow. I also tried to see if there was a canon service office near me but I dont think there are any in Washington state. 

Thank you in advance!



Product Expert
Product Expert


Just wanted to check in and see if you still needed assistance or if you were able to reach out to Canon support. 

We look forward to your reply.