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canon MX532 double sided jam - every time


No matter what it always jams when trying to do double sided. This is a new printed, it works just fine when printing one sided and when scaning or photo copiing. it for some reason always jams for double sided



Check out this KB Article


Maybe the Transport Unit is not correctly aligned.

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Hi aascaha,


I understand you have an MX532 and every time you perform two-sided printing the unit encounters a paper jam. To troubleshoot this issue I recommend performing several Roller Cleanings without paper and a roller cleaning with paper. The following steps will assist you:


  1. Remove any paper currently loaded into the unit.
  2. Press the SETTINGS (Pliers/Screwdriver) button.
  3. Press the RIGHT arrow 3 times to MAINTENANCE, press OK.
  4. Press the RIGHT arrow 5 times to ROLLER CLEANING, press OK.
  5. The Roller Cleaning process will begin.
  6. This process takes approximately 1-2 minutes.
  7. Perform steps 4-6 two more times.

Now, the roller cleaning process has been completed without paper. Next, perform it one time with paper.


  1. Please load approximately 3 sheets of A4 or Letter-sized Plain-Paper
  2. Press OK on the printer to start the Roller Cleaning process.
  3. This process should take no longer than the previous process.


After a successful Roller Cleaning process with paper, perform a test print of a two-sided document.


If the event persists, I would recommend troubleshooting with our support group to narrow down the cause of your issues. Please contact our support group at 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666), Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST(excluding holidays).


I have a MF41bdw laser printer.  It started jamming every time I attempted double-sided printing, suspiciously after using extra thick paper.  I tried several times to fix the problem without success.  I finally decided to take a really close look and discovered a thick piece of paper (an entire sheet) was jammed in the "runner" (my word) immediately above the paper tray.  This "runner" is apparently only used when printing double-sided and, unfortunately, it does not have a jam sensor or detector to alert one to this problem.  After removing the sheet of paper (there is a release lever) I could once again print double-sided.  I hope this helps.

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