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Canon G620 Paper Alignment



I just got a Canon G620 for photo printing. So far I'm very happy with it. The biggest problem I have so far is the paper alignment/registration with the printer. I insert the paper well tucked within the paper guide in the back tray. When I print something it seems the printer assumes the paper is a bit more towards the left than it is, and all my prints end up off centered by a 1/10 of an inch, around 2.5mm. This is a serious problem as I can print photo with a white margin without getting them off center. The paper settings are correct for their dimensions, I've even added a custom size paper just in case. No luck so far. I'll add a test image that I created in Illustrator to see how far off are the margins. Even when I print with the iOS app Canon Print not using borderless the image is printed significantly smaller margin on the left side. An intreresting detail with the App is that when I select a photo to print, choose my own crop and then put it back to print borderless, the print comes off center to the left side and with a white line on the right side of about 1.8mm.

Can this be calibrated?