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Canon G3200 printer


I purchased a Canon G3200 printer on Sept 1, 2017.  It failed with a printer feed problem 5 months later and was replaced by Canon.  The replacement printer has now failed 8 months after receipt,with error codes 5B00 and 5B01 (apparently an ink absorber is full).  For the past 3 months it has stopped printing black with increasing frequency, and all that I could do to get the black ink flowing again was to do a cleaning.  First, a normal clean worked, then only a deep clean, and finally only about 3 deep cleanings would clear it up.  I am told by Canon Service that I should not be doing a deep cleaning myself (although I'm not sure who would do that if not me).  I was told that air got into the feed mechanism because the caps on the ink reservoirs were loose.  They are firmly installed.


I was told that even though this printed had failed after 8 months, because it is a replacement printer, there is nothing they can/will do.


So, two of these fairly expensive printers have failed in just over a year of combined use and Canon says I am simply 'out of luck' - go buy another one.


I have used Canon Cameras for many years and have been pleased with them all.  My previous Canon printer, a Pixima MG5220, which was less expensive and had an actual, real, duplex printing mode, also served well for many years.


I am disturbed with the apparent quality decline in the G3200 series, and Canon's response.  I will not be purchasing another Canon printer.

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