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Cannot scan to my Pixma T6250 from any computer, printer still works


Hi there

I am having an issue with my Pixma T6250 scanner. I have tried to scan using the IJ scan Utility and also to Photoshop from three separate laptops without luck. The printer seems to work, with intermittent problems that may be unrelated.

I would be really grateful for any help. 

The dialogue box says:

code 2,157, 50

Cannot communicate with scanner

Possible reasons:

-The scanner is turned off. (it isn't)

-Not using LAN connection so that's not it

-Possibly WIFI is weak but everything else, including the printer, works

- Network connection is prohibited by security software - but, why is the printing is unaffected? Also, it is all of the laptops. 

-There is a different scanner that sometimes gets used, not wifi, and it has never caused a problem in the last 5 years.