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Can you manually align the printhead on a Pixma MG5650 without the Canon IJ Printer Utility?


I wonder if anyone can help me to solve this conundrum? Although old, my Pixma MG5650 is working well, apart from the fact that the PGBK tank appears to be misaligned. I've tried auto aligning and have manually flushed the printhead, but to no avail. I would like to attempt a manual alignment, but I'm running Sonoma on an M2 Mac Mini and the Canon IJ Printer Utility hasn't been updated for any of the last few OS upgrades. Annoyingly, I've long since sold my old Intel-based Macs, so I can't run the utility from one of those. Which means I'm stuck. I don't want to send an otherwise good printer to landfill, but if I can't find a fix I'll simply have to buy a replacement. Does anyone have a workaround that will enable me to run a manual alignment? Many thanks.



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I am not aware of any way to perform a manual alignment.  I believe if you need the IJ print utility to do this.  You can contact Canon support and see If there is another option.

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Thanks, Rick. I'm reasonably sure you're right about the print utility being key to running a manual alignment. I was just hoping someone out there might have stumbled upon an alternative method. Canon doesn't seem to be too keen on supporting new Mac OSs, so I don't foresee getting any real support there. But I've nothing to lose, so I might give them a try.

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