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Can't Print Black & White on MG6300 on mac




For some reason I am never able to print in B&W on my printer.  In the print dialogue box, under LAYOUT, COLOR MATCHING, or the PAPER HANDLING menu items there is nowhere to select grayscale or B&W.  The option for duplex printing is dimmed out.  


Under the PRINTER FEATURES menu item there are *two* places to select grayscale, and I can also select duplex options here.  BUT, regardless of what is checked, the printer always prints in color, and never duplexes.  




 I have a Canon MG6320.  Latest driver is installed;   MacOS Mojave 10.14.6.


Thank you!!!



Hi HeelzWeelz.


For the MG6300 series, there should also be a checkbox in the "Quality & Media" menu.


Quality & Media


If your print window instead has the "Media & Quality" menu, then it's registered using Bonjour/Airprint drivers; remove the printer and then add it back as a new printer, ensuring the "Canon MG6300 series" driver is selected for use.


Please keep in mind that some programs have proprietary print settings, and you may need to change the setting in the program from which you're printing.


If this answered your question, please click the Accept as Solution button, so others might find the answer.

Thank you for your response.  


So first, I will tell you that I had the printer installed twice:


Once via Airprint for use with my iPhone, iPad, etc, and

Once via Canon MG6300 Series for use with my MacBook Pro.


When printing from iPhone via AirPrint, everything works flawlessly; I've never had any issues.


For my MacBook Pro, I deleted that printer configuration and added it back using Canon MG6300 Series driver as advised.  

When I try to print, there is neither a Quality & Media, nor a Media & Quality choice in the drop-down.  (The only choices are Layout, Color Matching, Paper Handling, Cover Page, and Printer Features)


Screen Shot 2020-05-18 at 7.53.47 PM.png

Notice in LAYOUT Two-Sided is dimmed out.  I can go into Printer Features and try to select what I want, but run into the same issues as in my original post.


If i try to print from my MacBook Pro to the AirPrint configuration, I do see options for doublesided printing and B&W printing.  I can get it to print double sided, but it still won't print in B&W.  


Thanks again for your help!



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