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CANON INKJET MG3620 Won't connect to wifi after we changed internet services


I have a CANON Inkjet MG3620 and it was connected to our previous wifi but we changed internet services and now I am not able to get the printer connected to the current wifi. When I go into my wifi wetting on my MAC computer it shows that the printer has its own network rather than me being able to connect it to mine. Please help!



Hello SusieQ62,


We suggest checking out this helpful article walking you through the wireless setup process on Mac computers HERE. If you're still having issues, find all of your personalized support options within your My Canon Account at



I don't know if this is your same issue, because I set this up on a windows computer and a TR7520 but maybe it will help. I cut and pasted this from my other reply.

This drove me crazy on my TR7520 until I did this. Set up LAN settings - use manual setting, and when the wireless network shows up, go to enter it manually even though your network shows up in the list. In other words, DON'T click on your network name, type it in manually. Only then did the setup procedure allow me to enter a passphrase. Until that, it simply went to "connecting to network" without allowing me to enter a passphrase. After that, everything was straightforward. Hope this helps.