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Bought floor demo G4210 - any setup tips?


Our local Staples is closing down and I was lucky enough to catch a G4210 floor demo model that was significantly discounted - a model I would not have been able to afford otherwise.  I've registered it, found the software download ( win-g4010-1_0-n_mcd.exe ) and the documentation ( G4010ser_OnlineManual_Win_EN_V01.pdf ).


It came with no ink (and doesn't look like it ever had ink in it, on the floor) - literally the only thing it came with is the power cable.  I carried it out of the shop unboxed.


Before I buy inks online and set it up, is there anything I should watch out for in the setup process as a consequence of this being a floor demo and not having all the things that would accompany a new boxed unit?


I see in the support site that only phone support is available, no online chat or email.  Is there any chance that Canon would supply an initial ink kit if I called the support number and explained that Staples sold the machine without all the accompanying items?


(I need to get inks, set it up, and test it within the week while the sales staff that sold it are still available.  The purchase rang up as a 'Dummy G4210' but they assured me it was a real printer and lifting up the top I can see the edge of what looks like one of the print heads so I'm relatively confident this is a proper working printer but I'm not sure how I can confirm that without filling it with ink first?  Canon don't actually produce dummy units for floor demos, do they?)


Genuine Canon inks at Amazon appear to be 3 * $12 + $18 = $54, which although dearer than 3rd party inks, is OK considering the discount I got on the floor demo machine 🙂  I can't find a cheaper bundle of all 4 inks together.  Any suggestions of a cheaper source of a complete Canon ink kit, before I hit the button to buy them?


I actually switched from an old style Pixma MG2522 to a laser MF634CDw this year and had intended to put inkjets behind me, but it turns out there are some activities I still need to do that can't be done on a laser (such as making transparent overlays for my old Vectrex video game console!), so upgrading to a Megatank seemed like the best way to get off the expensive ink refill merry-go-round!



(South Texas)


thanks, folks.


Thanks.  I'll keep an eye open on Black Friday for a megatank in the 125 - 175 range.  I returned the floor demo model to Staples and the set of inks to Best Buy, it was turning into way too much effort.  Closing this thread now.  Thank you to everyone who commented.

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Well, I found the first problem - there are no print heads installed! Heading back to Staples to see if they can find them...

Meh 😞 Best Staples would offer is returning the purchase price. Which I may have to do later in the week if I can't persuade either Canon, or Staples corporate office to help out. I would have just taken the refund on the spot but by then I had already driven over to the next town and bought a set of inks from Best Buy 😞

Just spent the last hour trying to contact Canon support by email but the submit button just does nothing. Tried Chrome, IE and Edge! So not a browser problem. Removed PrivacyBadger from Chrome. No help. Tried both and but can't get past the submit button. Tried the service request page at but can't get past the 'continue' button at the foot of the page which is just unresponsive. Only option appears to be making a phone call, but really I would much rather explain the problem in an email first (which also would give me a record). Does everyone else find Canon support so hard to get in touch with or do I just not know the right place to go to?

Hi gtoal! 

Thanks for joining and posting in the Canon Forums! 

Canon USA no longer offers email support for our printer products. Phone support is available weekdays from  8AM to 8PM ET (excluding holidays), which can be reached at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666). We're confident that our support team will be able to assist you over the phone. 

We hope this helps! 

Gambled and lost.  With Black Friday just days away.... afraid the only thing you've created is a bunch of headaches for yourself while you run around returning stuff that doesn't work or cannot be used.  Don't forget to factor in your time. 


Hopefully you can find a deal after the holiday.




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I guess. Though... 1) retired, so my time is cheap 🙂 and 2) at $69 it was worth the gamble... worst case I'm just out some time, not money. meanwhile if you have any recommendations for a megatank printer on Black Friday at say $120 or less, by all means point me in the right direction! thanks...

Hi, gtoal.


The newer single-function PIXMA G5020 and multifunction PIXMA G6020 are improved over the previous G series megatank printers in function and performance.  If I had to recommend one, those would be the first ones on my tongue.  The prices in our own store are outside of the amount you listed, though you may be able to find one within your budget through one of our authorized resellers.  


As far as general tips, ensure the paper you're purchasing is intended for inkjet printers; laser-printer specific paper may not feed correctly on inkjet printers.  Make sure the ink levels never fall below the lowest bar on each respective reservoir, as letting it dip so low may cause air to enter the ink feed system, requiring expenditure of ink to flush out.  If you're in a colder region, ensure the printer is in a room with some amount of heat, to prevent damage caused by freezing or condensation.  After (re)filling the inks, ensure the rubber stoppers on top of the reservoirs are firmly in place.


The driver installation, and more information about the G series printers, may be found at the Canon IJ Setup website and accompanying manual site, accessible through the following link: 


If you need technical support for the printer setup or troubleshooting, please call us at 1-800-OK-CANON (652-2666), Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays).


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Thanks.  I'll keep an eye open on Black Friday for a megatank in the 125 - 175 range.  I returned the floor demo model to Staples and the set of inks to Best Buy, it was turning into way too much effort.  Closing this thread now.  Thank you to everyone who commented.