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Black lines top right hand of prints


Hi I have a Canon Pixma G3501 eco printer, on which I print greetings cards for charity. When I print on card which is 10 inches x 7 inches, (giving 5” x 7” greetings cards) because I have to use the Canon app, I have to select 8” x 10’ paper size. Not sure if this is why but lately, my prints are coming out with black lines and smudges on the last right hand corner that comes out of the printer. I can also hear a strange noise sometimes as that part of the card comes through. I am using the same weight cards I have always used. This happens 3 out of 4 times on a print nowadays but does not happen when I am printing on 6” x 4” cards ( a size which I can select on the Canon app.). Is this about paper size, or about something going wrong with the black ink feed? I would be grateful for device as to what may be causing this as I am wasting a lot of card stock. Thanks loads.