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Best print setting to use for vibrant colors to make stickers with canon ts6420


Im making stickers with my cricut and printing them on my cricut, when i print them with my moms epson printer they come out dark and vibrant, but when i use my printer the colors arent as vibrant and anything black comes out with a grayish/ blue tint rather than a solid black. Different settings make it darker but theres too many settings to try them all on my paper. So far the darkest one ive gotten is the photo matte setting on the best setting. The paper isnt matte though its more glossy like stickers. Does anyone else that has played with all the print settings know what settings work to get the best color settings for printing on sticker paper? Im on macbook pro btw and its not my paper because it does fine on other printers. Is this printer just not good enough? 



I’m having the same issue and I have a g7020 printer. I’m wanting to also do stickers with my Cricut and canon printer but my black is not coming out a true black. More like  dark dull grey. And my other colors as well are not vibrant. I’m using a matte sticker sheet and have messed with all sorts of settings on it but tired of wasting so much paper for it to be either to light or way to dark of a picture. I’ve been googling and googling weekend.