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Banding on b&w prints


I'm getting horizontal banding on my b&w prints - especially noticeable in the black areas. I have already done about 5 nozzel checks and cleaning and 1 deep clean. Also switched the black carts. Those actions improved it a little but still can see slight banding in the blacks. Any additional actions I have not thought of would be appeciated.

Using a PIXMA ip8720 with 3rd party inks (the PGI-250 XL is pigment) and CANON Premium Matte paper 13x19. Also using the 'plain paper'/GRAYSCALE setting to eliminate all traces of color tints. I know the PGI-250 XL/'plain paper setting is normally used to print text but this is the only setting I'm using that does not produce green/magenta/cyan color tints on b&w prints. The prints are high contrast and a tad harsh but I like that look for what I'm printing right now. 


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