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uploading pictures from image browser ex to facebook


I can upload one picture; but, I cannot upload multiple pictures





ImageBrowser EX will allow you to upload multiple images to a new or existing Facebook album or just onto your Wall.  In ImageBrowser, you would first need to select your images so a white box appears around the image. To select multiple images using a PC, you would want to keep pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard and then click on the picture. If you are using a Mac, you would want to press and hold the Command/Apple button on your keyboard and then click on the picture. Once you have selected the images, you would want to go to Share and then go to either Upload to Facebook Wall or Upload to Facebook Album. The Canon Utilities Uploader for Facebook window will appear and then you can click on the photos and add descriptions.  After you hit the Upload button, it will take you to log into Facebook and upload your images. If you have selected the Upload to Facebook album, a new window will appear that will allow you to create a new album or add to an existing Facebook album.

If this is a time sensitive-matter, additional support options are available at Contact Us

I have exactly the problem described by the OP, using the version of Imagebrowser EX that I installed in the past week


Nothing I have tried allows me to select more than one image in imagebrowser, and this affects many things, the last being its inability to upload more than one image to Facebook at a time.


I note it's some time since this problem was originally raised, it really ought to be fixed by now.



hm, it would be nice to get this fixed...

meantime you can bulk upload images from your computer to fb. - of course in this case first you have to save them to a winchester but that's what we do anyways, don't we?

What do you mean about a winchester,.....not sure if I know what you mean. sorry.

"Winchester" is a hard drive.  In early days there were several designs on hard drives... the "Winchester" technology drive is the one that took off.  Today we just call them "hard drives" instead of "Winchester drive" -- but they are the same thing.


You can see:



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


I know this is an old post, but I'm having the same problem.  I just received the Canon Rebel 5 camera for my birthday.  I went to upload many pictures into an exisiting album on Facebook and it says multiple items are not allowed???  If this is the case, I will have to return the camera.  My cheap little snap adn shoot would allow it with no problems.  Does anyone know how to get this to work??  Thanks.