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I'm new to using  With an EOS R, can anyone tell me why it says "This movie cannot be sent" when I try to upload a 10 minute movie?  It's only 4.0GB, and I have zero other files on, but  it immediately fails when It ry to upload, with NO REASON STATED.  Sloppy annoying coding to not throw a useful error in this day and age.  Further, if I say to "upload all on card", the dumb thing uploads all the stills, and SILENTLY fails to upload the movie.  So far, the service is a facepalm because of this.  It's worthless if I can't rely on it 100%.  I thought if I gave it a couple of years they would have gotten the bugs out.  Any insights would be greatly appreciated!






Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Jeremy,


Thanks for checking in with us.


The first thing I would check is if you can playback the video on camera and on your computer. If not, then that suggests the file itself is corrupted.


If you are able to playback the video, then try to upload it to the site directly from your computer.

The movie file is fine, I've played it back, and I've manually uploaded to google photos and to my NAS.  It's FHD clip 4.08GB in size.  I recorded a shorter test videos on the same settings, and that uploads fine.  I've been using this for the last month for smaller clips, and it looks like it happened one other time, silently without error when I did "upload all on card".  I'm just going to abandon using it.  Whether it's a bug or file size limitation, silently failing without telling me makes the service instantly unreliable and therefore unusable.  It's quite shocking actually.  Services like Google Photos or Onedrive for Android send up big failure messages when they fail to upload one of a group of files.  I repeated the "upload all on card" a 2nd time just to make sure it throws zero errors and just leaves off the movie file - yes, sadly it's completely silent.  Also, the website is remarkably weak, literally providing ZERO guidance as to the supported formats, size limitations, etc. etc.  With a 10G total size limitation, it makes the service pretty useless as well.  It's nonsense that there isn't a way to increase that.  Anyway, I'm venting because Camera vendors can't seem to understand this is critical functionality.  This was my last try - I will now exclusively use my phone for video unless it is low light, which for me is rare.