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eos utility 3 for eos r7 won't launch


I am trying to connect my new R7 to my desktop computer via wireless.  It goes OK to the point where I start the eos utility 2.0.  Nothing happens.  So I downloaded eos utility 3.0 but it does not appear in my apps.  The readme file is there but no the utility.  Any ideas?



Hi, lesandlar!

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My desktop computer is running Windows 11. 


First and foremost, go into your camera menus and make sure wireless communications are disabled.  This is necessary to allow the camera to use the USB port.

You’re dealing with a couple of quirks that have been around for years.  I’m not sure what behavior to expect with Windows 11, but it sounds similar to behavior that has been around since Windows 7.  You should be using EOS Utility 3 with the R7. 

For whatever reason, the Installer does not create a shortcut to EOS Utility 3 in your start menu.  However, when you connect the camera using a USB data cable, you would usually see the EOS Utility for connecting to the camera via Wi-Fi.  If noting happens, then you have an installation issue, a bad cable, or a USB port issue.

I’m not sure why the EOS Utility Launcher Service defaults to Wi-Fi, but it does.  This window needs to be closed for a USB connection to be established.

Next, open Windows Explorer.  Navigate to your “Programs” folder on your hard drive.  Look in the Canon folder for the “EOS Utility 3.exe” application and start it manually.  This step needs to be performed only once.  

If Windows ever prompts you as to what it should do when it reports that it has detected a camera has been connected to a USB port, select “Take No Action.”

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Thank you so much for your informative reply.  I found eos utility 3 in the program files and launched it but it still will not connect to my R7.  I turned off wi-fi.  I have tried 2 different usb cables.  I have now spent all afternoon trying to get this lousy software to work.  Canon makes great cameras but its software is the worst I have ever seen anywhere in any application. They must employ people to make it non-intuitive and buggy and hard to use.

Canon LIVE! Canon LIVE!