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Windows 11 software for PowerShot SX620 HS


There does not appear to be any Windows 11 software for my PowerShot SX620 HS camera. I need to transfer images from my camera to my computer. Does anyone know - can I use Windows 10 software?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello pike50,

You can try installing the Windows 10 version, but it's not guaranteed to work properly. Windows 11 has an app called Photos that you can use to import your images. In the search box on the taskbar, type photos and then select the Photos app from the results. Select Import in the top-right section and follow the instructions to import from a folder or a USB device. If that doesn't work with the USB cable, there is one other thing that you can try. You can use a card reader to import your files. You would remove the card from the camera and put the memory card into a memory card reader. Some computers come with card readers built in. If your computer does not have a card reader built in, you would need to purchase one. Memory card readers can be purchased at almost all photography and electronic stores and photo departments in your local department store. Card readers are relatively inexpensive. Most electronic stores carry them for $20 or less, and these card readers make it much easier to download pictures to your computer. When you purchase a card reader, be certain to select a card reader that can handle the same card (SD card) that your camera uses. 


You don't need ANY software just to transfer images to your computer. When you connect with a USB cable, the camera shows up in File Explorer as a drive. Open it, open the DCIM folder. One of the folders there contains your images. Just drag them to copy them to wherever you want on the computer. 

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