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Why cant I use an arrow to move from photo to photo in a file thats in digital photo professional?


Does anyone know if there is a way to move from photo to photo with an arrow while in a file?



Are you in the quick check section, edit section or did you just double click a photo from the main viewing screen?

Quick Check Section - select more than one photo to view and there are arrows on the right side or you can use your arrow keys.

Edit Section - Select more than one photo to edit with, and I believe you just have to manually click the photos on the film strip, or you can use your arrow keys if no editing tools are selected.

If you've just double clicked a photo from the main screen, go to tools, go down to preview screen display settings and select multi-function preview and that should allow you to use your arrow keys or use the arrow buttons on the bottom of your new window.

You didn't give us a lot to go on so I'm hoping I understood what you're trying to accomplish here.

Hope this helps.


His subject says file, but he might mean folder?  Can't tell.  The film strip has to have focus to use the arrow keys.  

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Rick is correct. You have to click or tap into your filmstrip to give it focus (see attached). However, if you click somewhere else you loose control and have to click the filmstrip again to use your arrows. Also, Most of the controls in DPP act the same way. If you click one, focus will stay there and you can control it with arrow keys until you click somewhere else.

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