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When is Canon going to update DPP to be compatible with Mac OS Maverick 10.9 ?


I recently recommended to an Australian friend to purchase EOS 700D and a 28-135 IS lens. She did so only to find out that DPP is not compatible with her Mac OS Maverick version 10.9. I feel embarrassed about my recommendation and the problem I caused her. When is Canon going to update DPP to make it compatible with all existing OSs?



I am the Australian friend of Epicuros who has just purchased the EOS 700D.  My friend should not feel embarrassed.  I'm very surprised the camera store where I bought the camera wasn't across the issue, as I feel they should have been informed by Canon, or at least checked before selling it.  It's not something I would have thought about either recommending a recently released camera to a new photographer.  Strange that such a camera's software would be so quickly out of date.  Was there no warning about the Maverick from Apple assuming they were asked by Canon about soon to be released updates?  It would be helpful to know when the Canon compatible version is going to be released.  I was recently told in a few days and am looking forward to using it? Thank you.    

I usually use Aperture on my Mac (which, btw, I highly recommend) -- but I do have DPP installed and it's working fine.  I am running Mavericks on two different computers.


You may find that the version of software on the CD wont start... but that's easily remedied.  Install the software that came with the camera but do not try to run it.  Go to the Canon website and download the latest updates (note that these are only "updates" and not full versions -- which is why you have to install the base version first).  After updates are applied, go ahead and launch it and you'll find that it works fine,



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Hi Tim,
Thanks for this. Have you actually seen and downloaded the version update from the website? If so, could you please send me the link. Otherwise, I'll call Canon as I can't find it. Alternatively I will look at Aperture, which I was considering as Plan B anyway. Thanks

On the Canon 70D page, there's a link to "Drivers and Software"


The page tries to auto-detect your OS and pick the correct version.  It will detect that you have OS X 10.9 Mavericks -- but Canon hasn't actually loaded any Mavericks specific versions yet, so that will be empty.  Change the selection to 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and you'll see the latest versions there.


The updates only work if you have a base or previous version installed (even when the previous version isn't compatible with your current OS -- that's no problem.)


Aperture has fairly comprehensive support for Canon cameras.  See:


Aperture is essentially a digital asset management and RAW workflow tool that I like to say "speaks the photographers language".  


I suspect you'll probably decide that Aperture is "Plan A" and DPP is "Plan B" 😉    Aperture is so much more enjoyable and vastly more powerful (not to mention faster to move through and process large numbers of images.)


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Hi Tim,


Thanks very much for this.  As a newbie, I really appreciate this information.  It's good to get the information from someone who uses the programs and can determine what works best.   I suspect you're right with the Plan A and Plan B too.  


thanks again


Hi Tim:  How do you install the software if the CD wont start? Please explain in baby steps as I am a newbie.  I have an old version DPP from 40D on the hard drive.  Do I have to un-install the older DPP first?  I purchased a new 6D recently but cannot load the CD in my Mac with OS mavericks.  Thank you for your help.                                                            jeff

Jeff, Does your Mac have an optical drive (newest models do not).  Apple does let you use the optical drive in another (presumably) nearby computer if there is one available.


Canon now lets you download the software (this is new... it used to be that you HAD to install the original media even if it was old (you did not have to run it... just had to install it) and then you could install the updates to bring it up to the current version.


To get the downloadable version of the software (this is the same software that's on the disk) first go to the Canon 6D software download page here:


On the "Operating System" menu, pick "OS X Mountain Lion v10.8" (do this EVEN if you are really running Mavericks v10.9 -- because Canon hasn't added the software download disk to the 10.9 category yet).


From there, pick the choice named:


"EOS Digital Solution Disk Software 28.2A for Mac OS X (For users who cannot use the bundled CD)"


and since it's a long name, it probably reads:   "EOS Digital Solution Disk Software 28.2A for Ma..."


When you pick this and proceed through the steps to start the download, it will probably prompt you to type in the serial number of your camera.


From there you should be able to install using the download.


Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da

Hi Tim:  After I downloaded the file Eod digital solution disk 28.2A, the updater still does not load.  It starts then stops.  I was able to fine the thread by Stuartworley in this forum under Mac 10.8 can't install solution software.  Load the CD with new user.  I have to go 1) system preference 2) user & groups restart my wife account  ie new user with administer priviledge.  Under a new user I was able to load the CD that came with my new 6D.  After that under the same user I was able to download all 5 updates from 12/12/13 under OSX ( 10.9).  Thanks Tim.  Hope this help.                                 Jeff

I have a new 27" iMac with factory installed Mavericks.  I can't live without DPP for PP with my 7D, but I couldn't get the upgrade to install on the an indication that I was using Mavericks.  I scrolled down to Snow Leopard on the canon site, and with the original DPP software in an outboard DVD drive, I clicked on the DDP upgrade, and eventually it installed.  But not until I spent 3 days clicking on everything 20 times.  Like yours, my computer is still an Art Form.  Persistent clicking pays off sometimes.  I bought the full version of Apeture while all this was going on, and I knew the learning curve was going to be time consuming.  DPP is the only way to go for me.



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